Books saved my sanity, knowledge opened the locked places in me and taught me first how to survive and then how to soar.

- Gloria Anzaldùa

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October 21: The Middle Daughter by Chika Unigwe

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October 21, Saturday
12pm New York  |  5pm Lagos  |  5pm London

Friendly discussion about the novel, The Middle Daughter, by Chika Unigwe. Discussion hosted by Aruni Kashyap followed by a visit by the author. 

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About the book
The Middle Daughter is a tale of family and sisterhood set in Enugu in eastern Nigeria and told through several different perspectives. When seventeen-year-old Nani loses her older sister and then her father in quick succession, her world spins off its axis. Isolated and misunderstood by her grieving mother and sister, she’s drawn to an itinerant preacher, a handsome self-proclaimed man of God who offers her a new place to belong. All too soon, Nani finds herself estranged from her family, tethered to her abusive husband by children she loves but cannot fully comprehend. She must find the courage to break free and wrestle her life back—without losing what she loves most.

Chika Unigwe is a Nigerian writer based in the United States. She is the author of four novels, as well as numerous short stories and essays. Her works include On Black Sisters Street, Night Dancer, Better Never Than Late and Black Messiah, among several others. Unigwe is Professor of Creative Writing at Georgia College in Atlanta.  

About the host
Aruni Kashyap is a writer, translator (from and into Assamese) and academic. He is the author of His Father’s Disease, a collection of stories, The House With a Thousand Stories, novel and There is No Good Time for Bad News, a poetry collection. He is also Associate Professor of English at the University of Georgia (Athens) and the Director of Creative Writing Program.

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