Radical Books Collective creates an alternative, inclusive and non-commercial approach to books and reading. We organize virtual book clubs, book and author events and immersive seminars on foundational radical books. 

A community of readers from around the world come together to discuss bold and politically progressive books across a range of genres. Corporatized, profit-oriented publishing structures make it harder for us to find books and writers that don't fit the mainstream awards, praise, and review criteria. We are curating an alternative canon through a collective that includes publishers, bookstores, authors and book lovers everywhere. Book clubs meet online to discuss a recently published radical book and to meet the writer. 

Let's change how books are read, circulated, reviewed and talked about. Let's read slowly, deeply, collectively. 

We have a manifesto. Read it here. 


"fast-growing initiative with an international audience of general readers, academics, intellectuals, and book lovers." 
        -- Literary Hub, "How One Group of Global South Writers is Decolonizing Literature." Pritika Pradhan on The Radical Books Collective
"The written word is a powerful tool, but to start a book club with the ambition to take on the power structures of the world is still a leap of faith. But in 2021, that’s exactly why a group of scholars and writers came together to start the Radical Books Collective."
    -- Alternate Canons and Conversations: An Interview with Radical Books Collective," Winnu Das for Dark 'n Light zine
"The Radical Books Collective creates the space for readers to experience the irreverence of engaging with these kinds of books that break the mold. Every month, “publishers, bookstores, authors, booklovers and bookworms everywhere” meet to talk about a recently published “radical book.”
      -- "Virtual Book Club For Radical Readers." Chukwuebuka Ibeh for Brittle Paper
"Without the big advertising budgets or market domination that Big Book has, independent radical publishers have to work harder to connect their authors with readers. Organizations like the Radical Books Collective offer an alternative literary space for like-minded authors and readers to find each other and to share ways of thinking differently."
     -- Amanda Crocker, Managing Editor of Between the Lines press and founding member of the Radical Publishers Alliance. 

What is a Radical Book?

Radical books stimulate our imaginations to advance transformative futures. Radical books expose structures of oppression and chart creative paths forward. Such books alter our understanding of historical events, amplify the voices of marginalized groups, and account for the costs of persecution and repression.

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