Books saved my sanity, knowledge opened the locked places in me and taught me first how to survive and then how to soar.

- Gloria Anzaldùa

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October 21: Translating Palestine

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Friday, October 21st
7pm Ramallah  |   5pm London   |   12pm New York


Writers, translators and editors celebrate new writing from Palestine. M. Lynx Qualey, Sawad Hussain and Alice Yousef will start us off with a panel on the challenges of translating and publishing writing from Palestine. We will also feature conversations about recently published books. Jehan Bseiso will speak with Maya Abu Al-Hayyat about her volume You Can Be The Last Leaf translated by Fady Joudah. Meg Arenberg will chat with author Sonia Nimr and translator M. Lynx Qualey about the release of the second book of the young adult series Thunderbird. Suchitra Vijayan will talk to publisher and editor Louis Allday about their recently released On Zionist Literature by Ghassan Kanafani translated by Mahmoud Najib.

About the participants
Maya Abu Al-Hayyat is a Palestinian novelist and poet living in Jerusalem.
Sawad Hussain is an Arabic translator, litterateur and Palestine Book Award judge.
Alice S. Yousef is a Palestinian translator, blogger, researcher and poet.
Sonia Nimr is a Palestinian writer, storyteller, translator and academic.
Louis Allday is a writer, historian and founding editor of Liberated Texts.
Jehan Bseiso is a poet, researcher, and aid worker.
Suchitra Vijayan is a writer, activist and founder of The Polis Project.
M. Lynx Qualey is a literary critic, translator editor, and co-founder of ArabLit. 
Meg Arenberg is the Managing Editor of the Radical Books Collective.
Bhakti Shringarpure is the Creative Director of the Radical Books Collective.

Buy the featured books:
You Can Be The Last Leaf (Maya Abu Al-Hayyat)

Thunderbird II (Sonia Nimr)

On Zionist Literature (Ghassan Kanafani)